Visual Merchandising


Visual Merchandising

Snow Business offer a large selection of products and services to enable your winter themed display to be just as you imagined it. Snow Business technicians will work alongside your display and nstallation team to ensure that you get the best eye catching finish. If you’re after high-quality, quick installations for maintenance free displays to make your Christmas merchandising extra special this year, give us a call.

Our Effects

Mall & Street Association
Settled and falling snow to enhance the retail shopping experience throughout Christmas.
Snow Walls
A self-contained falling snow unit for any shop window or visual merchandising display..
Pack by Window
We can custom pack all of your snow products to suit each store.

Bespoke Projects

Our team of skilled technicians will work with your design brief to accomplish your visual concept.

Falling Snow Installations

We can bring you constant falling snow.

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Visual Merchandising

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